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Rainy day thoughts

I should start with Thanksgiving dinner.  Let me remind you that I had been sick for 4 days (now Al has it), our oven does not have degrees, and we were expecting about 15 people.  Well, after a few bumps … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day

I’ve been sick for the last 3 days, so I’ll keep this short.  I am having a Thanksgiving feast at my apartment tomorrow night.  We are expecting about 15 people!  It is my first time making a turkey 🙂  We’ll … Continue reading

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The [Spanish] Key to Life

According to the United Nations, Spain currently has the six highest life expectancy of anyone in the WORLD.  Comparatively,the  US is the 38th.  So what’s their secret?  I think I’ve cracked the code… Speak loudly and passionately, drink moderately and … Continue reading

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A few bites

Just some quick thoughts/elaborations… I miss peanut butter.  I think a part of me is dying due to lack of its crunchy goodness.  Peanut butter and good pizza (Carbones).  And to-go coffee.   On a related note, I found a teeny … Continue reading

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Education (and other things)

First and foremost, the pictures of Cabo de Gata  are from a ‘trekking’ excursion that we went on with our intercambio group.  You can read more about the park here:  Many famous movies have been filmed at the beaches … Continue reading

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Cabo de Gata Parque Natural

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