The [Spanish] Key to Life

According to the United Nations, Spain currently has the six highest life expectancy of anyone in the WORLD.  Comparatively,the  US is the 38th.  So what’s their secret?  I think I’ve cracked the code…

Speak loudly and passionately, drink moderately and often, dress well, make time for family and friends, smoke, work as little as possible, eat (cheese, ham, and seafood), and relax.

I love it.  Or do I?  To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel like a pasota and very lazy.  I also get anxious and feel like I should be doing something!  Not that I miss my 50-hour work week…


I experienced my first “Spanish night out” on Saturday.  Not only did I not leave my apartment until 11 pm, but I did not return until after 4 am.  It pretty much ruined my Sunday, which was in turn spent doing homework and watching football (oh wait, how is that any different from home?).  We started out with the usual tapas and then decided to go to La Cueva, a rock bar.  When we entered, we were greeted with Johnny B. Goode, which was followed by Jet, Jethro Tull, and others.  It was…interesting…


Although there is a Carrefour here, it is far enough away that transporting bags of groceries (by foot, bus, or cab) is quite a pain.  Instead we’ve been buying our food from local carnicerias, fruterias, and panderias.  We have also discovered a huge local market where we can find just about anything food-, clothing-, or household-wise.  Almeria is known for its greenhouses and the produce selection is fantastic!  Unfortunately, the giant, preserved legs of meat hanging in stores turns my stomach, and I still don’t like jamon.  That’s okay because I quite enjoy the introduction of new seafood, such as sepia, into my diet.

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