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Paris and Luxembourg

I love Europe…I feel right at home as a French/German-American 🙂  (No, but seriously, I’ve been mistaken for a Frenchie multiple times thus far).  Here’s a rundown of our adventure to date: Paris: Flight delayed from Madrid (of course), arrive … Continue reading

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Christmas luncheon

I was una invitada to my school’s Christmas luncheon yesterday.  Based on the precio I knew it would be a lot of food, but un monto is not even an adequate word… First: The entrantes were a meal in and … Continue reading

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Silent night

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom” ~Thomas Carlyle (Thanks, Renee!) Lately I feel useless.  Bored.  Blah.  I can’t stand not having my own classroom, not really teaching.  And I have too much free time.  … Continue reading

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Rainy days in Seville

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I wasn’t going to blog until after I returned form Sevilla, but this can’t wait.  I just experienced Flamenco for the first time and am enchanted.  It was so (and here follows a list of adjectives, alliteration unintentional) passionate, pure, … Continue reading

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