Christmas luncheon

I was una invitada to my school’s Christmas luncheon yesterday.  Based on the precio I knew it would be a lot of food, but un monto is not even an adequate word…

First: The entrantes were a meal in and of themselves: Ham (ibérico, of course), queso and almonds, “bird lollipops” (a croquette-like chicken thing on a stick), and then fish and chips (a bag of breaded, deep fried mussels, shrimp, anchovies, and octopus).   Whenever my plate neared cleanliness, a co-worker loaded me up with more…more ham and anchovies, that is 😦  To dri nk: cerveza (I was told, “It’s protocol.”)

Round two: Cod served over mosaico de pulpo with caramelized onions and a pepper oil.  It was NOT a petite helping, but it was delicioso so I did my best and only left a few lonely pieces of octopus.  Para beber: Wine (Rioja, the usual)

Waiting in the hole:  Desert?  No, no.  VEAL.  Hadn’t I already done my part my chocking down an absurd amount of ham and little fishies?  But when in Rome…Other teachers around me complained of being full, but they all seemed to make sure they at least ate the meat.  I used the potatoes and dismally scarce veggies to disguise the flavor of the meat, and ate all but the fatty pieces.  Beverage: mas vino.

The finale: A pastry made of tres chocolates and raspberry sauce.  It was good, but I was bursting at the seams…I!  The dessert was washed down with a glass of champagne, and finalmente, cafe.

After 3 hours, I was thankful for the walk home even though it was raining.  I managed to bypass a nap (I think the excitement of our vacation was a proponent of my second wind) and am now writing this instead of packing.  Oddly enough, I haven’t been hungry yet today.  Well, guess I should throw in the towel.

Happy holidays, everyone!



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