Paris and Luxembourg

I love Europe…I feel right at home as a French/German-American 🙂  (No, but seriously, I’ve been mistaken for a Frenchie multiple times thus far).  Here’s a rundown of our adventure to date:

Paris: Flight delayed from Madrid (of course), arrive in snow 🙂  Metro to cozy hotel on the left bank…dinner (not our reservation, too late) at a wonderful Italian restaurant complete with French wine.  Day 2: Catacombs and  Versailles.  Last time I was in Paris (10? years ago) the Catacombs were closed.  It was shocking that you could reach out and touch the bones (no, I did not do that).  I had been to Versailles, but Alex wanted to go.  Just as gluttonous as I remembered, but not as crowded.  The gardens were closed 😦  Dinner at a ‘Mexican’ restaurant that was simply not that great.  After party: a random bar ushered us in and served us ridiculously expensive drinks.  Needless to say, we left.  Were ushered into another bar with a 3-piece acoustic band.  We sang along to Rhianna, Metallica, B. Spears, Radiohead, some great 90s jams and made our way home by 4am.  Christmas Day: We woke up late (surprise!), found an open restaurant, inhaled some delicious pizza and made our way toward the Eiffel tower with hopes of ice skating.  After about a 3.25 mile jaunt, we arrived to find the usual lines.  (We had meant to buy our tickets beforehand…fail).  We opted to take the stairs up to the first level, got there, had some coffee to warm up, and left.  The ice skating rink was filled with children and we were too frozen and running late.  We had dinner at Le Procope (one of the oldest restaurants in Paris) and were offered a glasses of Champagne that we later found out cost 15 Euro a piece.  Similar gripes were audible as bills were handed out.  At least we weren’t the only ones.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

Luxembourg: We arrived late the day after Christmas, ate, took a nap, and then ventured out to find dinner.  The city seemed dead and we settled for Chi-Chi’s.  Yes, the chain.  Do they even still exist in the US?  Well, it WAS nice to have good beer.  Today we just walked around and visited a few pubs.  Everything we hoped to do (casemates, museums) was closed for one or more of the following reasons: Christmas week, winter, or a Monday.  Even still, we found it to be a quaint little city not unlike St. Paul.

Tomorrow we are off to Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp), then Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve.

Enjoy the view!

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1 Response to Paris and Luxembourg

  1. E-Dawg says:

    love love love love the pictures! Perhaps you should consider a second career in photography! 🙂 It looks like you are getting to see a ton of stuff – I cant WAIT to talk to you when you get back! Keep us updated! I love to see where you are! Thinking of you and missing you tons


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