Lessons Learned

(In no particular order)

1. You might be more likely to be run over by a bike than hit by a car in some cities

2. Luxembourgish is a language (who’d a thunk?)

3. Poulet, boulet, kip, csirke, and kure all mean chicken

4. ❤ days in some places is not enough, >1 day in other places is too much

5. One pair of shoes is not enough (although thank god for adhesive)

6. There’s no shame in taking part of a day to breathe

7. Make sure your luggage is travel-worthy (ours finally gave up outside our apartment)

8.Books are pointless…time is much better spent sleeping or writing

9. Traveling through Europe is the next fad diet

10. There’s a reason some places aren’t tourist destinations

11. Aparthotels are the way to go…as long as they don’t require a deposit

12. Look for hidden gems…or just stumble upon them

13. Take the time to learn key phrases in any given language

14. Read ALL airline regulations and procedures DAYS prior to your flight

15. Legs, trams, buses, trains, and subways are underused methods of transportation in the US

We had an amazing trip.  Thank you to everyone who offered destination advice, showed me around, and gave me mini language lessons!


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