Idol Week 2

Idol rankings (based solely on week 2)

1 Lauren: She was obviously very under the weather and still gave a GREAT vocal performance.

2 Stefano: OK so maybe it was the song choice more than anything, but I still loved it 🙂

3 James: Like I said, he’s growing on me.  I’m still not completely convinced he has what it takes, though.

4 Casey: He looked possessed and it wasn’t his best performance, but,hey, playing bass and singing at the same time is difficult!  Plus, I love that he performed a Nirvana song (although I think a different song would have been better for him…About A Girl, Heart-Shaped Box, Come As You are, Lithium…)

5 Pia: She’s always solid.  Still just ‘in like.’

6 Paul: Better, but still boring.

7 Haley: She redeemed herself a little bit this week.  I can see her growing if America keeps her around for awhile.

8 Scotty: Too predictable.  Change it up, cowboy!

9 Jacob: Way too full of himself.  I’m over him.

10 Thia: Yawn.

11 Naima: I’m starting to think she’s just not that talented.

12 Karen: Adios, chica.  Your mother…Que preciosa!

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1 Response to Idol Week 2

  1. mommy says:

    Casey: best male
    Pia: best female

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