Idol Top 11 (again)

This week was all about Sir Elton John, who I love and have had the privilege to see perform multiple times.  He defines performer.  Unfortunately, most of the contestants were incredibly disappointing for me.  They were predictable in both their song choices and the way they sang.  From behind his piano, Sir Elton puts forth more of a performance that all of the contestants combined.  To be fair, part of Elton’s ‘flavor’ (to use a Randy Jackson word) is his musical genius.  I am perfectly happy, no, entranced, when I watch him play.  There were three performances that I had to watch more than a few times.  These were the contestants who were not predictable, gave a true performance, and in a parallel way, have shown growth.

1) Casey: He just breathes music.  You can hear it in his phrasing, his melodies, and his harmony.   I love it when he just sings…sometimes I forget he has that side to  him.

2) Haley: John, if you’re reading this, I take back what I said about her.  GREAT song…I actually thought Casey was going to sing it, but she killed it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I hope she takes the confidence she gained this week and carries it with her throughout the rest of the competition.

3) Lauren: No, I don’t like country arrangements, but she sang it perfectly.  I think she needs to work on her face when she sings…it doesn’t convey any particular emotion and sometimes it looks like she is rolling her eyes.  As for Steven’s note about her dress:  come on!  Pia’s dresses are so short and tight that she can’t even walk in them!

I’ll skip to the bottom as I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the middle people.  So the people below the yellow line (to more reality tv lingo) are Naima and Thia.   Naima ruined a song and what on earth it Thia sill doing around?  Who needs chamomile tea when you’ve got her to listen to?  They had better both go home tonight!   Paul can also go.  I’ve given him multiple chances and he’s proved nothing to me.  Go back to your 15 person van.

A few thoughts on the middle:

Pia: She thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.  What was with her not taking any of the judges’ criticism from last week?  Besides her awkward entrance, she didn’t even try to move around the stage.  Oh wait, I forgot, her dress was too constricting and her heels too high.  It’s wardrobe’s fault, obviously.  The only thing she and Fergie have in common is that they both could be mistaken for transvestites.  Harsh, I know.  And while I’m at it, she closes her eyes just as much as Stefano…why doesn’t anyone say anything to her?

Scotty: Really?  You choose the song because it had the word country in it?

Jacob: I officially hate you.  I can’t watch you.  You can go away any day now.

James: Over-the-top, self-indulgent, obnoxious, and frankly, not that good.

Stefano: How do you pronounce his name? steFAno or STEFano?

We’ll see what happens!

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3 Responses to Idol Top 11 (again)

  1. mommy says:

    I think Jaylo need s Stress Rulz lesson! Don’t hate Pia because she’s beautiful (ala Loreal). She’s also incredibly talented. I agree about the Lauren, as much as I detest country renditions. Paul–bye-bye love. This is this year’s Senjaya. Haley totally redeemed herself, as I expected James or Corey to perform Bennie. Corey is simply the best. Elton, I love you to infinity and beyond! Pure genius in the truest sense.

  2. mommy says:

    I meant THIA is this year’s Senjaya!

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