No, I didn’t catch the bouquet…

I apologize for the tardiness of this posting.  I’ve been busy hunting jellyfish 🙂  Or avoiding them… By the way, did I mention I’ll be home June 2?  We’ll have a handful of days in Iceland before our quick, layover-free flight back to the land of un monton of lakes!

Our trip to England was quick but pleasant.  We arrived the night before the wedding (very, very late) to find the streets lined with tents and people reclined in chairs.  Based on the perceived pending mayhem, we opted to stay away during the wedding and watch (or try to ignore) it from a pub near our hotel.  After seeing the mob of people , I am certain we made the right decision.  We were still able to witness much of the celebration when we went to check out Big Ben and the other attractions later in the afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Al’s aunt, uncle, and cousins in York and Harrogate.  They live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, as you will see from some of the pictures.  We hiked among herds of sheep, sampled a local brewery, and played a highly recommended board game called Ticket To Ride (seriously addicting).

That’s about it for our trip.  I felt very at home in England.  London didn’t seem to be quite as touristy as Paris or Rome, and everyone was muy amable.

In other news, I only have 12 more days of work left (por fin!) and have been planning my summer.  I will be teaching summer school in July/August, hopefully babysitting my friends’ adorable little girl some, getting some cabin time in, and that’s about it.  By the way, my newest must-have craving for when I get back is a turkey burger laced with cilantro, jalapenos,  onion, garlic, peanuts and topped with a peppery cheese (some like the one found at the Groveland Tap).

On Idol: If Haley goes, I’m boycotting the show.  Check her out!   

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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