The universe is trying to tell me something

My cell phone and iPod lie at the center of my apartment patio.  Although they appear intact, one can only guess the internal damage they have suffered from their 3-story fall.  It all started earlier this afternoon…

As I walked home from work, I debated whether or not to boge (spelling?) on my plans to meet my friend at the beach.  My beach bum percentage has been hovering around .80 the last week or so and I had other things (homework, job apps) that I could (should) have been doing.  But…do I even need to defend my decision?

I gathered my usual things: my towel, a blanket, phone keys, and...”Should I bring my iPod?” I thought to myself.  “It’s almost out of juice and Megan and I will probably end up talking the whole time…”  Well, my iPod is like an American Express card–I never leave home (go to the beach) without it!

After I got settled at the beach, a huge gust of wind a-la-Almeria gave my electronics a nice coating of sand.  Que suerte!   I blew the sand off, wrapped them in my towel, and shoved the towel under my head (and there both it and I stayed for the remainder of the afternoon).

As we got up to leave, I carefully gathered up my towel, making sure my treasures were tucked securely inside.   I picked up the blanket.  Jingle, tinkle (or whatever sound they make).  Megan pointed to the sand.  My keys.  Ugh.

Back at my apartment I proceeded with my usual post-beach ritual of hanging out my things to dry.  I have been putting my beach towel on the center clothes line (in the middle of our apartment) so it doesn’t get mixed up with the clean laundry that is on the other lines.  Do I even need to finish this story?

What appears to be secure in one moment can be lost the next in the shake of a towel.

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