Mission (im)possible

First and foremost, the recent earthquakes in Lorca, Spain did not affect us here in Almeria.  People said they could feel it (the town is only 90 miles away), but I didn’t notice a thing!  There were 2 other earthquakes early on in my stay here, but I did not notice those either!

So back to my mishap…Please press play now.  

When Alex returned home from work, I tearfully told him what had happened and brought him to the scene.   “‘ll be right back,” he said and left sin explanation.  (I assumed he was going to talk to the neighbor o algo).  After quite some time, he returned and asked if I had any luck reaching the president of the complex.  I had not, I told him.  “Good, because I spent a lot of money on this!”

He began unpacking the treasures from his quest: A long rope and a powerful magnet.  ” You just wanted to have a boy adventure,” I joked.  Although he defended himself and played the I just want to help you card, we all know what song was looping through his head.

Watching him attempt to coger my iPod, phone, and (his) headphones was nothing less than thrilling.  Really.  It was like the adult version of the Let’s Go Fishin’ Game that I hated as a kid.  In the end, he was successful.  My necessities are a little scarred, but they still function (my cell phone is missing a key and could double for a baby rattle and my headphones barely fit in the jack and 1/3 of the screen is illegible, but hey, no pasa nada!)

***The last item to be rescued was (Al’s) headphones, which, since there is minimal surface area of metal for the magnet to attach itself to, was a little trickier.  Just when I was about to suggest a hanger modification, Al nabbed them and started pulling them up.  “But then my worst nightmare came true,” he said.  They got stuck on the downstairs neighbor’s line.  So Al got the awesome opportunity to go downstairs and explain why there was a sock-covered magnet with headphones hanging from it dangling outside her window.   Luckily, she had apathy and found the whole situation as amusing as we did.

Mission accomplished.  Thanks, Indie!!!

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