I am getting really excited to come home.  I’m ready.  NOW.  Only 4 more days of work, 9 more days of Spain, and 14 days until I’m back in MN!

I have been reflecting on my time here, and although it was not the life-changing, enlightening experience that Julia Roberts convinced me it would be (yes, I watched the stupid movie*1), am coming away with a lot of lessons learned.  Here are some thoughts for today…

To begin with mattresses are important.  After 8 months of sleeping on a dorsalgia-causing  (*2)  box, I am tempted to replace my set at home with the best money can buy.

I am happy being old (*3).  I realized some years ago that weekend is not a synonym for party and that in the end, staying in can be more pleasureful and rewarding than bar-hopping all night long.  And I don’t care if that makes me boring or bitchy!

There is so much of the world (including parts of the US) that I still want to see.  Although we don’t have awesome  budget airlines (*4) like Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Wizz Air, Vueling, or Jet2, I still need to make it happen.

One should always wear high heels when walking one’s dog or strolling along with one’s baby.  Obviously.

Variety is the spice of life…and I need a variety of spices in my kitchen.  I have really learned to enjoy cooking and vow never to buy bottled sauces, dressings or anything of the sort.  It’s amazing what I can make from scratch.  The only ingredient I will be missing back in the US is time 😦

I have and always will loathe pork (*5).

And now, in honor of David Foster Wallace, my [abbreviated] footnotes.

*1 Eat, Pray Love…Sappy movie about soul-searching abroad.

*2 Officially (per me) he kind of back pain that shoots down your arm and makes your fingers numb.

*3 According to recent research, ‘old’ begins at 27.  Seriously.

*4 Awesome = pain-in-the-ass, cheap, great, shitty, headache, frustrating, wallet-friendly, etc.

*5 Sorry, Spain.

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1 Response to Casi…

  1. Sarah says:

    There are so many things I love about this post.*1 🙂 I’m getting very excited for you to come home!

    *1 the reminder that you’re coming home soon, the fact that I wanted to say ‘amen, sister’ after many of your points, and last but not least, the nod to DFW.

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