Best of…European Edition

Hogar dulce!  I’m back!  Well I’ve been back for a week, but I haven’t had a second to jot down ni una palabra.  So here’s the nickel tour…

Iceland was nice.  No, it was overrated.  And EXPENSIVE.  Crisis or no crisis, tourism is still expensive.  We did manage to go on one tour and eat some typical Icealndic food (reindeer and whale), but budget restricted our fun.  I’ll add a slideshow some photos at the end of this post.  After a event-less flight back to MSP, we picked up Baxter (who was happier to see Ro than to see me), and headed back to my moms’ house for my would-be final meal request: Carbones and Strongbow 🙂  Bellies full, Alex and I returned home.  Dorothy hit the nail on the head…ahi le has dado.  Oh I forgot one detail.  On the ride home, I found out I had a job interview the next morning.  Needless to say, it was la peor entrevista ever!  The rest of the weekend was full of parties, family, and friends.  Monday morning, I was preparing for another interview when I received an phone call from the Friday interview.  I GOT THE JOB!  One shot, one kill.  I immediately accepted and cancelled my other interviews.

In order to best encapsulate our experience abroad, Alex and I have come up with our very own Los Mejores de Europa

Aesthetic: Sirince, Turkey: A stunning cobblestoned village alit on a green ascent.

Weather: Almeria, Spain: The sunniest place in Spain!

Food: Turkey: Stuffed grape leaves, fresh cheeses and vegetables, and kebabs

Day trip: Segovia: An easy 30-minute train ride from Madrid, the ancient, mortar-less, still-functioning aqueducts aren’t the only thing to see

Beautiful people: France: No, I’m not biased!

Way to spend money: Iceland: Thank god the flight was barato!

Mullets: Spain: At least they rock them fashionably 😉

Pubs: London: Estan sorprendidos Uds?

Wine: France: I got a little Rioja-ed out…Agotada!  Plus, French wine is a little more suave

Tourism: Paris: How much time do I have to spend there before I see it all?

Bike-friendly: Amsterdam: I think I said it best before…you’re more likely to be run over by a leg-powered biker than a gas-powered driver!

Over-all Adventure: Turkey: From Istanbul’s overflowing population to historic Ephesus and striking Cappadocia, this country is a hidden gem!

It’s been a blast, and as promised, here is a sample of what Iceland has to offer.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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