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Sunday FUNday?

I believe pop culture has been a bit too optimistic with its advertisement of “Sunday.” However cute, Sunday is not equivalent to Funday.  So I begrudgingly am offering them some terms that more accurately reflect the second most hated day … Continue reading

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Things that should not happen at the gym

1) Burps or other bodily functions that smell like recently digested pine nuts and basil. 2) Cigarettes.  Even worse than smokers driving by while I’m on my bike, being stuck next to a butt-head on the elliptical completely ruins my workout. 3) … Continue reading

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Intra-national travel

Since we have been in the need of a travel fix, Alex and I brought in the New Year in New York—although not with the diaper-wearing, captive crazies of Times Square.  A cheap flight out of Chicago plus a great … Continue reading

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What happens when you mix Fischlers and Kuettels?

For everyone who missed it, Cousins’ Cabin Weekend 2012 was, as was expected, a ridiculous success.  Here a few of the more popular highlights… Clearing off the ice rink with a leaf blower:  “A” for effort, “F” for execution. Warning: Tebowing on … Continue reading

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The things I do NOT do for you…

1) Iron your shirts.  Why?  I do not meet the 30-minute-per-garment minimum.  And you redo them after I’m done. 2) Make your lunch.  Why?  My resume lacks the title “sandwich artist.”  My tastebuds are apparently unaware of the time to … Continue reading

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Phobia Mania

Everyone has fears in life.  Some drive them to protect themselves from vicious, rabid dogs with their stroller-bound child.  Others (who not fully convinced of the mortality of stinging insects) make relieve their fears by giving their victims Tupperware coffins and a … Continue reading

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