What happens when you mix Fischlers and Kuettels?

For everyone who missed it, Cousins’ Cabin Weekend 2012 was, as was expected, a ridiculous success.  Here a few of the more popular highlights…

Clearing off the ice rink with a leaf blower:  “A” for effort, “F” for execution.

Warning: Tebowing on skates has been known to cause severe rug burn.

Best Ugga Bugga contestant?  Jake.  He FAR exceeded my expectations.

Catch Phrase at its best: “Dennis the Menace uses one…he keeps it in his back pocket..'””  “Sling shot?”  “Another name for that.” … “It rhymes with ‘room-er-ang.'”

While playing ice hockey, ignore the instinct to save your phone and protect your elbow instead.

The only reason to wake up early is if you’re pregnant, sober, or old.

Summon the spirits of the absentees by burgling their bits.  “Wing Wang” is now a multifaceted term!

I don’t know which is creepier: Kyle the Lumberjack and the impending doom of the zombie apocalypse, or my cousin proclaiming “Violence is the only way” in his sleep.

Thanks to Mookie, AK, Drewsie, Jonny, Jake, and Sister (plus one minnow) for a GREAT weekend!

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