Things that should not happen at the gym

1) Burps or other bodily functions that smell like recently digested pine nuts and basil.

2) Cigarettes.  Even worse than smokers driving by while I’m on my bike, being stuck next to a butt-head on the elliptical completely ruins my workout.

3) Jeans.  And non-sports bras.   Your body deserves to breathe and be supported.

4) Chicken thighs.  White, hairy thighs.

5) Cell phones.  Nomophobia much?

6) Co-workers.  Co-workers who go up to all-too-thin girls and tell them they look like they belong in Auschwitz.  And then tell you that story…multiple times.

On a separate note, who knew that my Magic Bullet Blender could make such an awesome pesto?!?!

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