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The Season of No Excuses

After I got home from work today (no snow day for me) I vegged out watching the end of The Biggest Loser #guiltypleasure before talking myself into tackling my driveway.  Then you don’t have to go to the gym!  No … Continue reading

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It’s Nights Like These

I know my demurring over this lack-of-winter (#trueminnesotan) has not been silent, but I did not (I repeat did NOT) ask for this dog-won’t-go-outside, need-a-bottle-of-wine-and-a-fire, thank-god-I-have-a-good-book-and-DVR crap.  Sleet?  You can’t build a decent snowman, making a snow angel runs the … Continue reading

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For The Love of Music

Thanks to my brother Jon and my grandparents, my recent acquisition of a record player and real-deal Marantz has tripped a record buying addition.  Listening to albums from beginning to end has reminded me that there is an art and … Continue reading

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Food and Dance and Who Knows What Else

Well, Valentine’s week proved to be a success on both ends.  I took Al to a Wild game (live hockey is soooo exciting!) and in return he brought me to a Jin Xing performance at the Orpheum.  And although the Wild … Continue reading

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Music, tattoos(?), and music

People assume that every tattoo has some special significance.  Take the treble clef that perches on the nape of my neck, for example.  Do you play an instrument?    Yes, I can play the piano, but I wouldn’t go so … Continue reading

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