Music, tattoos(?), and music

People assume that every tattoo has some special significance.  Take the treble clef that perches on the nape of my neck, for example.  Do you play an instrument?    Yes, I can play the piano, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I play the piano.  Are you a music teacher?  A teacher, yes.  But not that kind (have you heard me sing?!?).

So what does this tattoo mean?  I love music.  Yes, it’s that plain and simple.  Granted, it was the derivative of some of Beethoven’s most powerful words, but it’s still pretty direct.

And it is this, my pure and unabashed adoration, that leads me to this chagrined confession…

This morning I made a CD…a CD I entitled “Music I Should Be Embarrassed Of” (dangling prep, I know).  It’s a cheek-burning mix of some tracks I would NEVER listen to in public.   So in an effort to reaffirm my action, here are some of the songs I burned and why…

Beyonce: Who Run The World Why, girls of course (for those of you who don’t know). Even back in the days of Destiny’s Child, this survivor’s songs posses the ability to empower even the meekest mouse.

Jon Secada: Angel (en  español) Even though I had a dozen years under my belt when this song came out, I remember buying the cassette tape single…English Side A, Spanish Side B.  Even through high school, I rocked Side B while cruisin in the Saab.  Windows down and volume much too loud for a non-rock song.

Korn: Get Up Oh, did I for get to mention Skrillex?  My bad.  I don’t have any excuse for this one.

Ben King: I Who Have Nothing Honestly, I felt bad for the guy.  Sounds like he has a pretty forlorn life.  In all seriousness, Haley Reinhart made me fall for him.

Jason Mraz: I Won’t Give Up Even though it’s vaguely Sugarlandish and, quite honestly, I don’t want him to be mine, I can’t help but fall in love with this song.

Hall & Oates: Rich Girl As Hall admitted to Rolling Stone, it was really about a man, but he felt he couldn’t sing with the lyrics ‘you’re a rich boy.’  Too bad.  That song could have been awesome!

In an attempt to rectify my choices, I did sit on the dock with Otis and thanked Chris Cornell for his amazing Zeppelin cover (sorry, Plant).  But I think it’s obvious the damage is done.

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1 Response to Music, tattoos(?), and music

  1. mommy says:

    Can you burn me a copy? I had not heard the Zep cover–love it.

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