For The Love of Music

Thanks to my brother Jon and my grandparents, my recent acquisition of a record player and real-deal Marantz has tripped a record buying addition.  Listening to albums from beginning to end has reminded me that there is an art and a purpose to the composition of albums.

In our childhood, my brother and I used to do some serious data analysis on CDs.  We would put them in order of favorite, then compare results.  Then we would look at individual albums and put the songs in order of preference.  Many tally marks later we would compile all the data and look for modes.  I specifically remember numbers 2 and 8 being the hot spots.  It made sense to us.  Artists, we speculated, needed a strong song at the beginning to hook the listener, then could afford a lull, but needed one final dose to help the listener ride on through to the end.

In the time of playlists, shuffles, and Pandora, etc., people rarely take the time to listen to albums from beginning to end.  (Not that all albums are deserving of our precious time.)  So here’s my campaign for a renaissance: Get Your Floyd On!

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