It’s Nights Like These

I know my demurring over this lack-of-winter (#trueminnesotan) has not been silent, but I did not (I repeat did NOT) ask for this dog-won’t-go-outside, need-a-bottle-of-wine-and-a-fire, thank-god-I-have-a-good-book-and-DVR crap.  Sleet?  You can’t build a decent snowman, making a snow angel runs the risk of premature cryonization, and snowball fights should be a criminal offense.

Thankfully, I had leftover blackened walleye (made with the most perfect blend of spices) and mashed potatoes.  I did, however, stop at the store to pick up a bottle of vino on my way home from work.  Now to settle in for a peaceful night of Smash, American Idol, and reading…

Esta cayendo la del pulpo…one very frigid pulpo!

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