The Season of No Excuses

After I got home from work today (no snow day for me) I vegged out watching the end of The Biggest Loser #guiltypleasure before talking myself into tackling my driveway.  Then you don’t have to go to the gym!  No excuses.  As I was moving the heaviest snow I’ve ever shoveled scoop-by-back-breaking-scoop, I realized that this excuse was region-specific.  And so without further ado, I present ( \in no particular order)

Minnesotans’ Top Excuses For Evading The Gym

7. The roads are too bad.

6. Fishing is a sport.  #dontchaknow

5. I can’t waste this beautiful day by staying inside!

4. My body burns calories just trying to keep itself warm.

3. I’m not paying for this house to warm itself…

2. You know blubber?  Yeah, it’s like that.

1. The juice bar doesn’t serve anything on a stick.

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