Spring Break, Baby!

Bust out the flip flops, tank tops, sunscreen and get ready to sweat.  It’s my spring break and I’m spending it in the sunny Twin Cities.  Seriously.  Tomorrow’s high: 70.  Saturday’s?  75.  Oh, and did I mention sunny?  For those non-Minnesotans, typical March weather here hovers around 40 degrees.  Thank you, Arctic Oscillation, for being such a ‘positive’ influence in our lives.

Along with the gorgeous weather comes my spring cleaning itch.  So what have I done with my first 4 days off?  Painted, cleaned, grilled, tore down my rusty-ass gutters…all that boring adult stuff.  In the true spirit of spring, I’ve even been swapping out my items in my diet–in the best of ways.  As I was driving home from Target tonight, I was tired and hungry and Chipotle was calling my name.  I am proud to say I did not succumb.  Instead, I pulled into the neighboring grocery store, grabbed some ground turkey and fresh veggies, then came home to play grill master part deux for the day.  Turkey burgers.  They are delicious plus they carry they extra bonus of being lunch for tomorrow!

Am I packing my winter coat and accessories?  Not yet.  I have seen snow on my birthday before.  But I’ll take it for now.  I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have a cold summer…

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