American Idol Top 10

I have to admit, I am not completely invested th,is AI season.  I feel like the contestants all think they are the sh*t, and they don’t A) listen to their mentors and B) do their homework.  For example, this week was Billy Joel will (I was SO excited).  And you would think, will all these young children left in the competition, they would do their homework.  Seems simple enough, right?  Hit up Wikipedia, watch a couple Youtube videos, learn what Billy is all about, and you’re good to go.  Right?  Am I right?  Apparently not.  Poor song choice coupled with not rocking the Billy vibe resulted in a less-than-excellent-night.

So who made Billy proud?

Colton.  Pared down to just the piano and his voice, he emobodied the Billy vibe while still making it his own.  He deserved the standing ovation!

Elise.  I’ve been rooting for her since the beginning–it was great to see what she’s really made of.  Unlike the Whitney week, I was ecstatic to see her shun her mentors’ advice.

Erika.  She’s good.  Give her a chance!

Jessica.  Yes she can sing, but I didn’t love her this week.  Study up, chica!

Me da igual…

Skylar.  Obvious song choice, but nothing special.

Joshua.  Absolutely missed the mark on his song choice.  I recommend The River of Dreams or Light as the Breeze–much more appropriate for a choir and gospel-feel.  (And what was with Steven Tyler not recognizing his song choice?  Seriously?  He should be embarrassed.)

Phillip Phillips.  A little too laid back, if you ask me.

And bye-bye to…

Deandre.  You’re just not that good.  Great hair, though.

Heejun.  Love his wit, hate his vocals.  #nuffsaid

Hollie.  Like my mom said, you’re not Celine.  Worst performance of the night.

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