Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group

Take the Sky car and ascend to the hip-o-sphere?  Should say hipster-phere and their web  page designer should be fired.  But beyond the lame facade lies tasty food and a nice rooftop dining area and bar lounge.

Firstly and most importantly, the Support Group has a nice selection of beers on tap.  An O’Dell’s 90 Schilling was the perfect compliment my vegetarian black bean burger (topped by sunflower sprouts!).  We took our time and started with the Crispy, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings thatwere exactly that…it is clear why they don’t require a fancy name.  Best part of the meal!

After polishing off the wings and some good talk, we ordered our meals.  My companions sampled The Jerk and the Big Hippie Salad (complete with a hemp seed vinaigrette)–high praise for both.

Other interesting brunch options include Night Train Chicken & Waffles (not my style, but others love it), french toast with vanilla cream cheese and blueberry compote, and The Hangover Helper (picture an upscale Grand Slam).

My only complaint is that their happy hour is only available at the street level bar.  Rest assured, I will be back.

Uptown Cafeteria

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