RIP, Adam Yauch

Adam Yauch (aka MCA, Nathaniel Hornblower of the Beastie Boys) did not overdose.  He was not a womanizer, he did not dangle his children over balconies, nor did he flash multiple humanitarian efforts all over the press. MCA lost his battle against cancer, and he will be missed terribly.

I first learned about the Beastie Boys in the basement of my friend’s house, listening to her older brother’s cassette tape collection.  Hooked, I purchased Ill Communication on cd with my allowance when it came out in 8th grade–it still plays in my regular rotation.

The Beastie Boys present humor (I like my sugar with coffee and cream), satire (rippin on party anthems) and humanitarian issues (In a world gone mad it’s hard to think right, so much violence hate and spite. Murder going on all day and night, due time we fight the non-violent fight.) in their songs as well as multifaceted musical genres (insert a plug for In Sound).

Love and Respect til the End.

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2 Responses to RIP, Adam Yauch

  1. he looks sharp in his suit playing bass. an amazing person and we will all miss him. thanks for posting this 😉

  2. Such a loss 😥 RIP Adam you will be missed </3

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