A Summer Decree

I officially declare this summer to be the summer of concerts.   After returning from Radiohead in Chicago a few days ago, I have started plotting out all must-sees on my calendar.  Topping my list are Deftones (at Knotfest), Tool (at River’s Edge Music Festival), Red Hot Chili Peppers, and my brothers’ (yes, plural) band One False Move.


In honor of my summer plans, I would have been revisiting some of my favorite concert moments.  In no particular order, I present


  • @Incubus w/ Jon Fischler…takes a pull of vodka, Certain Shade of Green begins, pukes on the floor and then exclaims, “F*#$ yeah!  I love this song!”
  • Sneaking into the Toadies green room after a show in hopes of meeting Todd Lewis.  All I found were roadies.  The band was in the bar chillin with fans!
  • @Vanilla Ice with my mom…V.Ice: What’s up Minneapolis?  My mom: We’re in St. Paul, you idiot!  Dumb girl: (Turns around and reaches for her locket) “Shut up!  I love him!”
  • @Deftones…Me: I hope they play Passenger.  Jon: I haven’t seen it on their set lists.  First lyrics out of Chino’s mouth: “Here I lay, still and breathless…just like always.”
  • @Digital Underground…Dancing on stage, then being invited back to the motel to hang out with Humpty’s cousin.  (NO, I did NOT go!)
  • @Radiohead…Mind-blowing night show in an amphitheater that offered Chicago’s most refreshing wind.  Thom and Phil are genii!
  • @Tool…I didn’t know their crazy videos could be brought to life!

I know I’m forgetting some, and hopefully there will be more to add as the summer goes on 🙂

For now, peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll, yo.

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