Food, Food, And More Food

The holidays are upon us, and with them, massive consumption of food.  So I thought it only appropriate to share some of what the best (and the sub-par) of that the Twin Cities has to offer.

Most Tantalizing

Northeast Social Club (American Bistro): Not for the the supertaster. Apps include frog legs, quail, and calamari.  Be sure to seriously consider the specials, or try the Amish chicken (with ricotta dumplings-yum!) off the regular menu.  If you’re there on a “fish and chips” night, do not pass it up.  Lightly-dusted (the redundancy is necessary) fresh cod served over roasted red potatoes…this is how fish and chips should be done!

Gorkha Palace (Nepali/Indian/Tibetan): Best lamb I’ve had since Europe!. Try the Chicken Tikka Masala (ask if you can sub lamb) and don’t forget to order a side of naan.  Make sure you have reservations! If you do need to soak up some time Bulldog sits just around the corner 🙂

Origami (Japanese): Boasts the title ‘Best Sushi in the Twin Cities.  Agreed.  If you’re in the mood for sashimi, try the Alaskan Salmon (deliciously gamey and lean).

Chiang Mai Thai (Thai): Was an fine choice for restaurant week.  Had ‘Cat On Fire’ (a spicy catfish dish) that was even better as left-overs.


Butcher & The Boar (American): Like meat?  Eat here.  Choose from rabbit, head cheese, antelope, and rabbit.  And, of course, wild boar.  The highlight of the dinner was, for me, the fried green tomatoes.  If I return, I will be making my selection off the waters menu.

Quangs (Vietnamese): I had heard the best pho in the Twin Cities was to be found here.  I have had better at multiple restaurants in the Frogtown area, as well as at my local fav, Vietnam Star/Zen Asia.

Most Over-Rated

Figlio (Italian): At first I confused the restaurant with the once-was St. Paul Fima.  The whole experience was  a complete bust.  Out of 6 meals, 0 were anything more than low-average.

Babani (Kurdish): After my initial enamoration, I was let down by Babani.  Good for a one-time experience at best.  Still cool that it’s BYOB…it balances out the over-priced entrees!

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