Bad Customer Service Or Inappropriate Customer Service?

Last night I went to Chino Latino with a group of friends.  At the end of the meal, our server brought us one bill (without asking how we wanted it split up) and we asked him to apply the cash and then split the rest between the cards.  As he was handing us the cards back, he noted, “Just so you know, if you all put $13 as a tip, that would be 20%.  I’m sorry, but this is my livelihood.  It’s how I make a living.”

We all left feeling slightly stunned and insulted.  Of course we would have tipped him correctly!  So now I’m left to ponder…what this bad customer service or culturally inappropriate customer service?

Initial response: Bad.  As a former server, I would never have had the balls to say such a thing.

As a Midwesterner/MN Nice-er: Inappropriate.  Everyone knows passive aggressiveness is part of our cultural identity!  He was perhaps a little too direct for our level of comfort.

But perhaps our reaction comes through the culture of our age: MAYBE we’re just too old to hang out in uptown and just don’t know how to be culturally responsive to hipsters…

Even though I joke, I have to give a shout-out to Dr. Sharroky Hollie for the awesome training he did in our district!  I hope this doesn’t make me a Twister…

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1 Response to Bad Customer Service Or Inappropriate Customer Service?

  1. I think this a bit cheeky and would make me think twice about returning to that particular restaurant

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