YumPower and Other Healthy Holiday Habits

YumPower is HealthPartners’ campaign to eat *reasonably this holiday season.  I loved the idea, so here’s how I have been practicing my YumPower…

1) Exercise prior to the big meal.  Not only will you feel less like binging, but recent research also shows that it can reduce the effects of eating fatty foods on blood vessel function.

2) Don’t starve yourself before the big meal–it usually just leads to over-eating.  Snack lightly prior to and pace yourself during!  Listen to your body.  When you’re full, stop.  You’ll enjoy the experience just as much, if you not more.  I promise 🙂

3) Water.  After oxygen, of what do we need more?

4) Portion size.  A few Thanksgivings ago, I devoured a plate FULL of mashed potatoes and paid the price.  A small sampling of all your favorites is guaranteed to satisfy both your taste buds and belly.

5) Fruit and veggies.  You know they’re good for you, so why pass them by?  #noexcuses

6) Volunteer to bring your own dish.  That way when barf-a-que chicken and beef chili sans any vegetables are the only things on the menu, you’ll have  a go-to option.

Warning: Practicing too much YumPower has been prove to lead to late-night pizza, therefore negating all preciously enacted Powers.

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