NYC 2013

A rock concert + spring break recently drew me to NYC yet again.  While our stay was brief, we accomplished most of what we set out to do.  Here they are, highs and lows…

Union Square Greenmarket

We chose the most perfectly crisp, sunny day to visit the farmer’s market.  The glorious weather was amplified by hot apple cider, quiche, donuts, sticky cheese, and even a local brew!  I highly recommend it as a non-touristy alternative.  As a bonus, I heard it gets even better as the weather warms up!  Open MWFSa.


Bali Nusa Indah

Located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, this quaint Indonesian restaurant over-all was very good.  The batagor bandung blew our minds–I have never eaten smaller bites in hopes that my food would last longer!  Their sate ayam was stisfying…I can see this restaurant being a fav take-out place. As an added bonus, they had a very nice Côtes du Rhône to calm my wineitis!


Who doesn’t love a restaurant covered in portraits of their patrons’ dogs?


Tasty homemade muffins and a drink serve as apps in the pre-fixed menu.  We both chose omelets which were coupled with fresh greens and amazing potatoes.  We liked the place so much we came back later in the night for Manhattans and goldfish!


On our bucket list: A slice in the streets of Little Italy.  Check!



One fancy dinner, that’s all we wanted.  Since Kefi was/is temporarily closed, we decided to stay Greek and made reservations at Loi.  A definite low.  The lamb was bland, the lobster chewy,the mussels teeny, and the tomato sauce was paste.  I have never seen so much sediment in a glass of wine.  To make matters worse, the service was also severely deficient.  We had empty drinks, and our server only checked back when our meal was winding down.  My company was the only bright side to this dismal experience!

Regardless, I still adore New York. Deftones rocked and we will be back!


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