Tejas, langosta, y R&G

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to blog about food after an ambrosial meal (likened to grocery shopping while hungry) at Roma (consisting of truffle and wild mushroom sacchetti and limoncello desert), but I’m going to forge ahead regardless. What better do I have to do on a Friday night anyway, right?

We have been trolling the Twin Cities as well as had a quick weekend in Dallas recently, so I’ll cover both. And might I just add, thank the social media gods for helping me keep track of where I’ve been!

Let me just go in order of worthiness (that way, like a newspaper story, you get all you need in the first few lines…but don’t forget to skip to the end for a closing treat!).

Tei-An (Dallas) The seaweed salad was everything the reviews promised it would be, and the soba was #phenomenal–if you build  your own noodle dish DO NOT go without the fried tofu and poached egg!

Meddlesome Moth (Dallas) Half of our meal was great, the other, lacking. Must-have: duck wings (better than chicken wings). While you’re there: mothballs and some mussels.

Element (Northeast Minneapolis) It’s good, but give me Black Sheep any day!

Sparks (Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis) Had an interesting pizza…truffles with a fried egg in the middle.  Could have done without the egg, but the truffles were delectable 🙂

Indian Creek (St. Croix Falls, WI) Fresh rainbow trout and catfish were palate-pleasing.  Local wines left much to be desired.

Nick & Sam’s Grill (Dallas) Super cool ambiance (loved the open garage layout) dece brunch.  Enjoyed our giant carafe of mimosas 🙂 Just make sure you’re stylin!

Smack Shack (Minneapolis) We went here for restaurant week. Again, super cool layout (we sat up in the loft). Obviously the lobster roll was good, but that’s about it. Oyster app was rubbery and overly breaded, fried green tomatoes almost made me dismiss them entirely from my diet, and desert was not even one-bite-worthy. Maybe they should stick to food trucks…

BTW, why were we in Dallas? To see Rodrigo y Gabriela (I want to be Gabriela in my next life)! Another note-worthy mention in the area is the  Times Ten Cellars…great wine tasting!

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