Faux Phở

I spent the weekend fighting off sickness, and I thought, what better way to prepare for combat than with an herby Vietnamese soup?  It’s chicken noodle soup on steroids!  True phở takes hours of simmering plus chicken parts and bone that I don’t have and don’t know if I want to work with, so I researched some shortcuts and came up with the following recipe 🙂

To begin with, I broiled and charred a halved onion and a thumb-sized piece of ginger root.  While I waited for those to cool, I added 62 ounces of no-sodium chicken salt, a few tablespoons of fish oil, coriander, cilantro, a few peppercorns, and chicken breast to my slow cooker.  After I removed the char from the onion and ginger, I added the large pieces to the soup.  And then I let it cook.  And cook some more.  The longer, the better!

Towards the end, I added additional herbs and salt to taste and shredded the chicken.  In the last few minutes, I prepared the rice noodles and removed the pieces of onion and ginger.  Then add your favorite garnishes!  I used basil leaves, cilantro, mint, hot chilis, sriracha and lime.  If I had found bean sprouts at the store, I would have thrown them in as well.

*Keep garnished and noodles separate until you are going to eat them.  Do NOT just throw them into the crock pot.

**I think next time I will use bone-in chicken.


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