Cheap Eats with Date Nights (Twin Cities)

Do you love food?  Really, really delicious food?  Or do you dread the Sunday night blues?  Need a pick-me-up mid-week?  Then check out these amazing deals around the Twin Cities! The prices you see are per couple unless noted otherwise.

Date nights are not just for couples…think of if more as meals for friends.  Also, many places are willing to entertain a third person for half the price or offer a single-person price!

(*Denotes my personal favorites!)

Wilde Roast Cafe (Sundays through Thursdays, 5:30-close) 25% off  two entrées from the pizza/salad Menu, a bottle of wine, and dessert.  Make sure to check out the new sister bar Mattie’s on Main while you’re there!

Broders(Sundays through Thursdays, 8:00-close) $30 Half off a bottle of wine, two pastas, a salad to share, and an olive appetizer

Rinata (Sundays) $20 per person Antipasti, salad, and an entrée from a featured menu, plus a dessert to share

Meritage (Sundays, 5:00-9:00)  $30 per person Prix fixe, three courses

Bachelor Farmer (Sundays) $29-$34 Set three-course meal

*Masa/Parma/D’Aamico/Cafe and Bar Lurcat (Sundays) $50 Bottle of wine and a three-course dinner

*Birchwood (Sundays) $30 Two burgers and two pints

Bryant Lake Bowl (Mondays, 6:00- midnight) $28 Two entrées, a bottle of wine (or a few beers) and a round of bowling!

Birchwood (Tuesdays) $30 Two pizzas and two glasses of wine

Namaste Cafe (Tuesdays, 6:00-close) $39.50 Two entrées, a bottle of house wine, and dessert

Red Stag (Tuesdays, 5:00-10:00) $32 Two entrées, a bottle of vino, and a dessert.

*The Lowbrow (Tuesdays, 6:00-10:00) $25 Two tap beers/house wines, two burgers/sandwiches/entrées, and a dessert

Le Town Talk (Tuesdays) $45 An app, two entrée , desert, plus a bottle of wine or cider

Grand Cafe (Tuesdays) $50 Tasting menu: three courses and wine 

Kafe 421 (Tuesdays and Sundays after 5:00) $25 Salad, a pasta entrée and one dessert to share

Al Vento (Tuesdays) $20 per person Four-course meal

Travail (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) $90 A ten-course experience!

Le Town Talk  (Wednesdays) $25 per person “Girls’ Night Out” features a salad, entree, desert, and a glass of wine or cocktail

*Chimborazo (Wednesdays) $35 Two daily specials plus a bottle of wine

*Ngon’s (Wednesdays, 5:00-9:00) $35 Two ‘traditionnel’ entrées, a bottle of wine, and a dessert.  Make if “fancy” and order any two entrées, an hors d’oeurve, and a bottle of wine for $15 more

Sawatdee (Wednesdays) $35  Appetizer platter, two entrées, and a bottle of wine

*Pilgrimage Cafe (Thursdays) $30 An appetizer, two entrées, and a dessert to share

*Tracy’s Saloon (Fridays) $37  Pitcher beer/bottle wine, choice of starter salads or soup of the day, two select entrées, and dessert

Gigi’s (Saturdays) $28 Salad, two entrées, dessert and a bottle of wine

Mozza Mia (Every day) $40 Pizza, a bottle of wine and two movie tickets to the Edina Theaters

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