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Cheap Eats with Date Nights (Twin Cities)

Originally posted on To Almeria and Beyond:
Do you love food?  Really, really delicious food?  Or do you dread the Sunday night blues?  Need a pick-me-up mid-week?  Then check out these amazing deals around the Twin Cities! The prices you…

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Inklings of Spring

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Spring Break, Baby!

Bust out the flip flops, tank tops, sunscreen and get ready to sweat.  It’s my spring break and I’m spending it in the sunny Twin Cities.  Seriously.  Tomorrow’s high: 70.  Saturday’s?  75.  Oh, and did I mention sunny?  For those … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a white christmas

As I ate my delicious breakfast of an English muffin and Pedialyte this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder…Is it really Christmas?  I have spent the last 24 hours worshiping the porcelain gods and hibernating under layers of seemingly defective … Continue reading

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I’m home again on yet another Friday night.  There MUST be a positive correlation between increase in age and time spent at home on the weekends.  Factors such as kids and spouses seem to be outliers.  Funny.  I just got … Continue reading

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Back to reality

I’ve been back in the groove for 4 months now, and I have to say I am content.  I have a job that I absolutely LOVE, I have my puppy back, some much-needed updates are happening to my house, and … Continue reading

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Traces of mortality

Throughout my life I have had very few run-ins with Thanatos.  My grandmother passed unexpectedly from a myocardial infarction in 2003 and a handful of years ago, my uncle surrendered to an abiding battle with alcoholism.  When I was 25, … Continue reading

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